What's My Roast?

If you already love the smell of coffee, get ready to fall head over heels!

Since our coffee is shipped to you fresh - as soon as it’s done roasting and cooling - you’re going to experience coffee that doesn’t just arouse your sense of smell but stimulates all five senses.   

Decadent aromas, mouth melting flavor, smooth texture, rich color, and for your hearing, the simple “mhmm” after you take your first sip.

Let’s hone in on your specific taste preferences first and allow the rest of your senses the excitement they deserve!

If you’re someone who likes brighter, more noticeable flavors, for example an initial flavor upfront with a lasting aftertaste, your preference may be more of a light or medium roast. Lighter roasts have more nuanced flavors and higher acidity than dark roasts. The feel on the tongue is also thinner, more akin to tea.

Or perhaps you’re someone who prefers a silky, creamy texture on the tongue, with a deeper, darker flavor that hits you quicker upfront and has less aftertaste. This is considered full or heavy bodied and would mean you’re more dark roast-leaning.

If both sound like you, any of our roasts will satisfy your senses. If your preference is only one or the other, we provide helpful information of each roast profile and what aromas and tastes to expect with all of our roasts to help you make an informed decision.


If you like bolder tasting coffee, adding Robusta to your life would be a game changer for your coffee drinking experience.
What is Robusta? 🤔
Robusta is a species of coffee.
Most of us are drinking Arabica coffee because the general consensus is that it’s more palatable.
However Robusta is best used as a playful addition to an Arabica coffee blend or as espresso.
✔️It has low acidity and high bitterness
✔️ It also has DOUBLE the amount of caffeine than Arabica 😬
✔️As well as more antioxidants 🍃
If you think you need a little Robusta in your life, choose to add Robusta to any of our coffees when you order and we’ll blend it in for you already. Our usual ratio is 20% Robusta.
We’ll also have the option to buy a whole bag of it and you add it as needed to your brew.

Everyone's palate is different. What tastes good to you may not taste good to another. The above mentioned information is simply a guide to help point you in the right direction whether you're a coffee novice or connoisseur.

Whichever you choose, rest assured your senses will thank you!

As always, please reach out to us via chat (when available) or email: info@steeloakbrews.com if you have any questions.  

Happy Brewing! ☕️