Leg Options

Welcome to the Legs Page

✨ Welcome to the Legs Page! This page showcases different leg options for your next live edge table when you order through our shop.

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These are typically at 16" leg height.
→ Don't see what you want?
→ Need a different size?
→ Want to use your own legs?

ℹ️ PLEASE NOTE: The leg style you choose with your top may look slightly different from the ones in these images because we must get depth-appropriate legs depending on your top. Although the leg style you choose will be the style you get, there may some slight differences in depth, color, or thickness than what are exactly in these images.

>> Wood A-Shape
  - Wood species will match the top. 
  - Finished with premium tung oil sealer and urethane.
  - Easy to clean and maintain.

>> Wood A-Shape w/Shelf
     → Handcrafted wood A-shape with custom wood shelf. Legs and shelf will be       the same species as the top.
     - Finished with premium tung oil sealer and urethane.
     - Easy to clean and maintain.

 >> Wood Square
- Handcrafted, sanded, and urethane - protected.
    - Unless a client specifies otherwise, leg species matches the species of the top. 

>> Black Hairpin
    - Scratch resistant 


>> Gray Hairpin
  - Scratch resistant

Black Iron Pipe:
   - Cleaned, primed, painted, seal-coated



 >> Wood Peg Legs:
    - Diameter of legs is determined based on the size of the slab itself to ensure the legs and top look natural together.



>> Metal A-Shape Legs 
   - Matte black and scratch resistant
   - Extra shelf capability!


>> Metal X-Shape 
  - Matte back and scratch resistant

 >> Black Metal Square Tube
- Matte black and scratch resistant. 


>> Copper Pipe:
   - Cleaned and seal-coated